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ng b●y setting up unm●anned factories a◆nd using industrial○ robots in a var◆iety of production ●cycles, as p■art of its broader p○ush to upgra○de the coun◆try's manu○facturing industr●y."We have eight◆ manufacturing bas◆es across

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the count〓ry, most of■ which are unma●nned facto〓ries. China mus●t master core techn〓ologies to grow int○o a manufacturing ●power," Dong Ming●zhu, chairwoma○n and president● of Gree, sai〓d on the sid

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of the Nationa◆l People's Congress● and the Chin■ese People's P●olitical Consul●tative Confer●ence.Dong, who■ is a deputy to th■e NPC, said Gre〓e entered into the● intelligent eq■uipment industry〓 in 2013. The● industry covers nu〓merical co◆ntrol machin

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